Tech Talk

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. 

(Benjamin Franklin)

This section is for knowledge sharing. I'll be writing on topics related to my day-to-day work as I keep learning new stuff. I'll be covering concepts from the fundamental ABCs (for newbies) to advanced deep dive articles (for experienced).

The World of Virtualization

The Science of Illusion: Introductory blog
The Evolution (Big Bang): Quick intro to how virtualization tech evolved
The Building Blocks: Introducing different types of virtualization

Windows Subsystem for Linux

WSL in a Nutshell: Penning down my understanding of the WSL subsystem.


Penned down crucial technical issues which lead to MSIX using a land registry system's analogy.
MSIX - The New Land Registry System [Part 1]
MSIX - The Newly Crowned King [Part 2]
MSIX PSF - Promise of a New World for Migrants (Apps)
Is PSF for me?

Azure Sphere
New kid on the block: Penned down my thoughts on Azure Sphere from a beginners perspective.

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