Sunday 13 May 2018

Azure Sphere - New Kid On The Block

WHAT?? Microsoft's own Linux distribution!! That's music to my ears. Who would have thought that Microsoft will launch its own Linux distribution? In this blog, I am penning down few thoughts which struck my mind as I was wondering what might have made them take this step. I am no expert in this, so just bouncing my thoughts from a beginner's perspective.

Firstly, why Linux kernel? Why not Windows core?

Tuesday 8 May 2018

MSIX - First look and my two cents!

Finally, the suspense around MSIX has come to an end! Since its announcement on Windows Developer Day in March; there were many speculations around this new file format (including one by me). I was among very few technology partners who were invited to attend a 2 days packaging summit at Microsoft last week. We got a really detailed first-hand briefing by the MSIX developers. Now that it has been presented at Build2018 yesterday, I am free to write my thoughts on it in the public domain. So, here I am penning down few points which caught my eye along with my 2 cents worth of opinion on where it will be successful and which areas need a little more thought. Let's get started with some good news first.