About Me

Priya Saxena
Innovation | Strategy | Development |Virtualization/Security/Cloud

T-Shaped professional with 15+ years of experience, passionate about driving the product at every stage from inception to completion. Having started the career as a developer, I’ve now grown into a role of researcher and technical evangelist with a special focus on driving strategic initiatives and involvement in thought leadership. I am a forward thinker with a balance of optimism, creativity, and technical practicality. My day-to-day work involves conceiving ideas and communicating the technical aspects in a subtle manner across business units at different levels; be it higher management, marketing, technical geeks, developers, customers or sales team.

Strategic Vision
Specialized in studying the products in-depth, digging into the core of technology and identifying areas for business growth to boost company's long-term product portfolio. 

Thought Leadership
Involved from Idea inception, patent filing to implementation. An active blogger on the topics of containerization, virtualization, security, cloud computing; promoting the product among users and industry experts.

Published Patents
In the field of Cloud Computing and Application Virtualization:

1. US20170308367A1: Deploying virtualized apps
2. US20180011723A1: Compound application virtualization
3. US20180157524A1: Application virtualization that includes machine learning
4. US20180144263A1: Executing apps on stateless computing platform using machine learning
5. US20180181451A1: Application virtualization that includes resource access control

Technical Marketing/PreSales
Presenter at Industry Events/Conferences, blogger, likes to participate in pitching ideas to the customers/clients/Strategic partners.

Leadership Skills
End to End Ownership, Driver, Problem Solver, Strategic Planning, Entrepreneurship, Competitive Analysis, Cross-Functional Team Player. Driving spirit for product development from brainstorming sessions to the implementation. 

Technical Skills
Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Security, Containerization with hands-on coding, debugging, bug fixing.

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/priya-saxena-6068034

Blogsites : www.priyasaxena.co.uk