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'The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible -- and achieve it, generation after generation.'      
(Pearl S.Buck)

This is my playground!  I never hesitate to try out even the weirdest of my ideas. Here I'll be writing about tech bits, from in-depth analysis to practical attempts, interesting bits from my day-to-day work, my pet projects and all my experiments (few very sensible and others quite crazy)!

1) This is how I ended up virtualizing the Docker client itself

2) A casual read on my day-to-day work at Cloudhouse (not too technical though)

3) A good read if you want to know about Microsoft's latest file format ".MSIX" and few ideas on what else can be done to make it an intelligent installer.
.MSIX - Yet another installer format? Wait, there is more to it!

4) Virtualized WSL Launcher (LinWin Experiment 1)
This is a part of my experiments around Windows Subsystem for Linux. In this writeup, I've penned down my attempt to virtualize the WSL launcher component, which worked!

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