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'The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible -- and achieve it, generation after generation.'      
(Pearl S.Buck)

This is my playground!  I never hesitate to try out even the weirdest of my ideas. Here I'll be writing about tech bits, from in-depth analysis to practical attempts, interesting bits from my day-to-day work, my pet projects and all my experiments (few very sensible and others quite crazy)!

1) This is how I ended up virtualizing the Docker client itself

2) A casual read on my day-to-day work at Cloudhouse (not too technical though)

3) A good read if you want to know about Microsoft's latest file format ".MSIX" and few ideas on what else can be done to make it an intelligent installer.
.MSIX - Yet another installer format? Wait, there is more to it!

4) Virtualized WSL Launcher (LinWin Experiment 1)
This is a part of my experiments around Windows Subsystem for Linux. In this writeup, I've penned down my attempt to virtualize the WSL launcher component, which worked!

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. 
(Benjamin Franklin)

This section is for knowledge sharing. I'll be writing on topics related to my day-to-day work as I keep learning new stuff. I'll be covering concepts from the fundamental ABCs (for newbies) to advanced deep dive articles (for experienced).

The World of Virtualization

The Science of Illusion: Introductory blog
The Evolution (Big Bang): Quick intro to how virtualization tech evolved
The Building Blocks: Introducing different types of virtualization

Windows Subsystem for Linux

WSL in a Nutshell: Penning down my understanding of the WSL subsystem.


Penned down crucial technical issues which lead to MSIX using a land registry system's analogy.
MSIX - The New Land Registry System [Part 1]
MSIX - The Newly Crowned King [Part 2]
MSIX PSF - Promise of a New World for Migrants (Apps)
Is PSF for me?

Azure Sphere
New kid on the block: Penned down my thoughts on Azure Sphere from a beginners perspective.

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