Monday 4 June 2018

Presenting at Women in Technology, London 2018

YES! "Women in Tech"! It's going to be as cool as the name sounds. I am glad to be part of this conference with over 100+ speakers and 4000+ attendees. BTW it's not all about women in tech, there are many interesting sessions by male presenters as well (check full agenda here). I'll be taking up a 30mins session titled "What's Next... App Portability" on 27th June @ 14:40 - 15:15 as part of Master Classes.

Presenting at E2EVC, Amsterdam 2018

I am going to attend my first E2EVC conference this month. I've heard that E2E is the most forgiving audience for beginners. Hence I'll be stepping up on the stage with a very well known speaker Remko Weijnen for a session titled "Become an App Ninja with Cloudhouse". As its a company-sponsored session, we will be doing a deep dive on Cloudhouse's application virtualization. Our presentation slot is on 9th June @16:15 - 17:00