Thursday 29 March 2018

"MSIX" - Yet another installer format? Wait, there is more to it!

The fact that you are reading this blog says that you must have installed at least one application in your life or at the least witnessed a techie hitting his keyboard and swearing at his screen while dealing with the installation/deployment nightmares!

While installing, did you ever wish that your installer could...

  • Automatically resolve dependencies and make it compatible with the OS on which the app is getting installed?
  • Wrap your app in a sandbox to deploy it securely?
  • Fix OS-specific issues to migrate old apps to latest versions of OS?
  • Generate a "Windows Store" ready application from your existing app by fixing non-compliant features?
  • Make your application ready to work on any device?
  • Had all the "cool" features of today's containers and virtualization technologies?
Yes, all that is possible now! At Cloudhouse we are inventing new ways to generate "intelligent MSIX containers" using our Application Virtualization technology to give your applications best of both worlds.

Reinventing the Installation Paradigm

Sunday 25 March 2018

What's Next.. "One App"?

Yeah, I hear you! That’s a confusing name “One App”, what would that mean? Sorry I didn’t find a better title (after reading this blog, you might be able to suggest a better one). A disclaimer first, this is a debatable blog, as I am questioning the very basis of the software industry. Different people might have different opinions on this and I am open to differing views and ideas.

Sunday 18 March 2018

What's Next? (A blog series)

What spreads faster than a wild fire? Costs nothing but time? Has the power of changing the world? Is the root of all inventions?
A thought!
Some say that thoughts travel faster than light (well, that's debatable). But for sure they travel fast enough for us to think of ideas within blink of an eye. It's the world of infinite ideas! 

Saturday 10 March 2018

What's Next.. "Lite Cloud"?

Information Technology has been one of the fastest growing industries for the last few decades. Advancements in IT Infrastructure and Electronic industries have always redefined the Software industry and reshaped the way applications are developed and deployed. In this blog I am penning down few of my “lite” thoughts on the past, present and where we are heading. These are some ideas which might be beneficial for cloud companies in future; something I like to call as the “Lite Cloud”.