Sunday 18 March 2018

What's Next? (A blog series)

What spreads faster than a wild fire? Costs nothing but time? Has the power of changing the world? Is the root of all inventions?
A thought!
Some say that thoughts travel faster than light (well, that's debatable). But for sure they travel fast enough for us to think of ideas within blink of an eye. It's the world of infinite ideas! 

Thoughts travel so fast that often it gets difficult to focus on a single thing as your brain compiles numerous thoughts within nano seconds. Finally, there comes a "Eureka moment"! The moment when you realise that you've thought of a CRACKING idea. 

When I decided to join Cloudhouse which was an hour's commute from my place, I thought I'll have to look for another job soon. But surprisingly the commute worked out really well for me as it gives me time to think about new ideas. Time for myself; away from my mischievous baby and (ahem ahem); my managers! The best of my eureka moments have struck me there. You would usually notice annoyed and frustrated faces coming out of central line at peak hour, but I spring out of the train with a delightful face, texting Mat (my CTO) about my new idea. May be its central line's speed which adds to the motion of my thoughts? 😋

I read technical stuff while commuting; and keep thinking about what's the next thing that might revolutionarize the industry. I usually end up with "weird" ideas; 99% of which are immediately discarded but the remaining 1% do have some potential. So, I decided to pen down my thoughts (without breaking my employment contract) in this adhoc blog series named "What's Next?" 

"What's Next" series is about vision, ideas, thoughts for future; however big or small they might be. Reading it might trigger an idea in your brain; which might turn into a real product. At the moment, I don't know what this series would look like, or how long will it continue. I'll try my best to keep it alive and would love to hear about your thoughts too.

Here are few of my thoughts on what's next in security, storage, cloud computing, elastic computing, virtualization, containers etc.

So, what's next in this series? Well, wait and find out :)
Stay tuned to #What'sNext!

Priya Saxena

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