Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Presenting at E2EVC, Greece

Greaing up for my second E2EVC event where I'll be taking up two joint sessions on 3rd Nov; one with Tim Mangan on "MSIX for Enterpirse" at 12:30PM and the second one with Remko Weijnen on Cloudhouse's solutions for "MSIX and Azure Migrate" at 3:15PM.

During Cloudhouse's session, we will be discussing how the product can give a 8 years heardstart on MSIX and server app migration with some live demos on
  • MSIX packaging for legacy apps (using Package Support Framework fixups)
  • Server app migration from server 2003 to Azure (server 2016).

During the MSIX session, we will be covering
  • What is MSIX
  • Vendor offerings for enterprises

If you are attending the event, then please join us for these sessions and many more interesting ones. Full agenda is available at

Priya Saxena.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Presenting at AppManagEvent 2018, Netherlands

Looking forward to my first AppManageEvent! I'll be taking up a session on 12th Oct. 

Session Title : Get 8 years headstart on MSIX and Azure Migrate
Date, Time : 12th Oct @ 11:15 - 12:00
Venue : Mission2 Hall, Media Plaza, Jaarbeurs Utrecht

I'll be covering details on Cloudhouse's MSIX solution and Azure migrate (server migration) with some live demos. Please do join my session if these topics are of your interest. Also make sure you check the agenda (here) for other interesting sessions on MSIX and security by industry experts like Tim Mangan. 

I am looking forward to watching award winning presenters Paula J and Sami Laihoon on the stage; to get tips on improving my presentation skills :)

See you there!