Sunday 6 August 2017

The Science of Illusion

You may call it the science of illusion; the art of deception; the magic of spoofing; the tactics of faking; or simply, the world of virtualization! Today we are surrounded by virtual software ranging from virtual machines (VMs) to virtual reality (VR). For those of us who work in IT, most of our day is spent working on virtual machines (VM), remote desktop sessions (RDP) etc. For gamers, virtualization might mean experiencing different virtual reality games. This world of illusion is expanding its scope into different fields be it healthcare, cloud computing, tourism, construction or scientific visualization; and undoubtedly will impact every domain tomorrow.

Since last few blog posts, I’ve started getting general feedback that my blogs (related to my work at Cloudhouse) are too in depth for someone who is new to this domain. So, here in this blog series; I am planning to cover topics starting with fundamentals (from a novice’s perspective) to advanced concepts. This is just an introductory article. In the next blog we will look into the very basics of virtualization from a birds-eye view without touching the technical jargon. Subsequent blogs will cover details on the market leaders and their products (most of which you might be using in your day-to-day life); then get into nitty-gritties on how applications get virtualized and discuss a bit about Cloudhouse’s appvirt product. At the end will be the finale blog on magician’s best trick – where I will take you through step by step procedure to implement a mini app virtualization engine using freely available tools.. You will become magicians too!

Sooooooo…. Are you ready to hit the road? Fasten your seat belts and start your own journey into the world of illusion!

The Science of Illusion (Part 1) : The Evolution (Big Bang)
The Science of Illusion (Part 2) : The Building Blocks
The Science of Illusion (Part 3) : The World of Virtualization (Yet to be published)

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