Monday 17 December 2018

Presenting at Citrix User Group, London 2018

Delighted to be taking up my first session at the Citrix User Group, London conference on legacy app migration based on my blog  on MSIX "Promise of a new world to migrants (apps)".

Title           : Promise of a new world to the migrants (apps)
Date/Time : 18th Dec @ 14:00
Duration   : 45 mins
Venue        : Societe Generale, 41 Tower Hill, London

During the session I'll be touching the most critical issue of legacy app migration which today's enterprises face using an analogy of an App's world (with no offence to any continent. I love Australia; however it was suitable to depict XP on an island as those apps are the most difficult ones to migrate). We will be looking at the plight of apps stuck on vulnerable old platforms; technical issues blocking the migration and how to decouple them to migrate them to latest platforms/cloud. 

We will dive into MSIX packaging (with a packager demo) followed by a deep dive into the Package Support Framework and how it can be used to migrate legacy apps.

Please have a look at other sessions here and join us if you can. Looking forward to it.


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