Monday 4 June 2018

Presenting at E2EVC, Amsterdam 2018

I am going to attend my first E2EVC conference this month. I've heard that E2E is the most forgiving audience for beginners. Hence I'll be stepping up on the stage with a very well known speaker Remko Weijnen for a session titled "Become an App Ninja with Cloudhouse". As its a company-sponsored session, we will be doing a deep dive on Cloudhouse's application virtualization. Our presentation slot is on 9th June @16:15 - 17:00

In this 45 mins session, we are planning to highlight everything you need to become an App Ninja with the 3rd most used app virtualization tech. Thanks to you all for voting us 3rd most used App Virtualization product (after App-V and ThinApp). It's always a proud moment to see the product you have been developing for years get recognized in the industry :)

  • Followed by a deep dive into Cloudhouse containers and disclose few "tricks of the trade" to fix complicated apps along with demos
  • Finally, we are not just about legacy apps! The session will be wrapped up with a short glimpse of our future work on MSIX partnership, Evergreen IT etc.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and attending some great sessions by experts (the conference has many interesting sessions, check out the agenda here).

Priya Saxena. 

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