Monday 4 June 2018

Presenting at Women in Technology, London 2018

YES! "Women in Tech"! It's going to be as cool as the name sounds. I am glad to be part of this conference with over 100+ speakers and 4000+ attendees. BTW it's not all about women in tech, there are many interesting sessions by male presenters as well (check full agenda here). I'll be taking up a 30mins session titled "What's Next... App Portability" on 27th June @ 14:40 - 15:15 as part of Master Classes.

In this session, I am planning to cover topics on my thoughts on the future of application portability.
  • Starting with the world tour (highlighting an app's plight) 
  • Followed by the challenges of porting apps across various operating systems, nightmares I've faced in the past
  • A quick look into the historic attempts to work around this issue
  • Future of app portability landscape
  • Microsoft's approach to fixing this using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)
  • End it with a couple of demos (Linux apps on Windows) and a closer look at Pico processes.

Looking forward to meeting everyone there. If you are planning to come over, please feel free to use the discount voucher I've been given to share with my network SPEAKERS15 

Priya Saxena.

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